Get Creative Making Money at Home

Have you lost your job or suffered reduced hours (and pay) because of the devastated state of our economy? As the person responsible for putting food on your table, you might not have the luxury of waiting for another COVID-19 stimulus check decision or for a lucrative full-time job to come your way.

Instead, start the process of finding other sources of income. Use your resolve to come up with creative ways to earn an income at home.

How to Identify Alternate Earning Opportunities

Use these ideas for identifying creative ways to make money at home:

1. Re-purpose one of your skill sets. At your last job, you were likely called upon to do different tasks that were aligned with your skills. Take a minute and think about whether some of those skills could be applied to other areas.

· Were you the resident letter writer because of your way with words? If so, it’s possible that you could take your skill to a content writing website, ebook writing, or self publishing on Amazon.

· Did you ever get involved with training new staff members because your boss felt you were an effective communicator? Offer your services to a skills training institution. You could even offer online training in various skills for a fee.

2. Consider consultancy. Some employers, while unable to hire new employees due to the instability of the economy, may still need valuable input from people like you in the field. Hence, many companies are going the route of hiring consultants, instead.

· When companies hire consultants, they don’t have to worry about employee expenses like health insurance, clothing allowance, and more. They can get what they need without the costs and commitment of hiring an employee.

· That’s where you come in! Offer your consultancy services and enable them to save money while you make money.

· You might be able to provide valuable input to the company right from your home computer.

3. Survey your neighborhood. Sometimes, answers to your challenges are closer than you know! There could very well be a need for your knowledge or skills right there in your own neighborhood. How could you tap into these needs to earn from your abilities?

· Are you great with kids and math? Perhaps one of your neighbors is struggling with the new home schooling requirements. Many parents are trying to figure out how to help their kids with school work and could really use a tutor. This could provide you with some extra income.

· Take it a step further if you have expertise in a particular area and start an online course. Prerecord your course and let people learn on their own pace or offer a daily or weekly live virtual class.

Those who will remain afloat throughout this employment slump are people like you who are willing to think outside the box to make things happen.

Take advantage of earning alternatives like these and turn things around. Use these tips as a springboard to more ideas of your own. Who knows? You might just find your next great career!

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