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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Home businesses are a reality for millions of people today. It's easier and more affordable than ever to turn your passion into a home-based career. I’m not talking about a “get rich quick” internet scheme. You can build a successful home business if you have the desire, a plan, and you're willing to put in the work.

The first step to starting your home business is deciding what type of business to have.

What are you passionate about?

Do you have a product to sell?

Do you have a service or skill to offer?

For instance, if you love to make personalized gifts baskets for your friends and family during the holidays. You can turn your gift basket making into a profitable home business by opening an e-commerce store or selling your baskets at events.

Or, if you have eye for design and your friends constantly ask for your help decorating their homes or parties, then an interior design or event planning service might be right up your alley.

Step two is coming up with your plan for success.

You have the passion, you have the skills and you have the time. You now need a plan to make it possible and profitable.

What are your goals? Short term and long term.

How much are you able to invest in yourself?

Where can you obtain reliable resources? Vendors/investors/equipment.

Write it down! Make a check list. Be visual. Be realistic.

Step three is building your brand and marketing.

You won’t make money if no one knows you’re in business. Put yourself out there! Social media is free and word of mouth is the best advertising you can get. Set up give-a-way contests, offer a discount, use referral programs and throw home parties. All of these things will engage your prospective customers. Take advantage of the free and easy resources you have available to you.  

Need a few ideas? Here is a quick start list of some low risk home businesses to start:

Starting a Business QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Successful Small Business, Turning Your Vision into Reality, and Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Dream

1. Consulting- Are you experienced in a particular subject? Finances, organizing, fashion?  Share your expertise and get paid for it.

2. Freelance Writing -If you have a passion for writing start a money making blog or publish ebooks on Amazon

3. Event Planning- Do you have an eye for design and love directing people? Event planning allows you to show off your unique ideas and make memorable experiences.

4. Hair Styling/Makeup Artistry - There is always a need for hair and makeup! Weddings, proms, family portraits, girls’ night out. People love to pay to be pampered!

5. Social Media Managing- As we know, social media is only growing stronger with people who want to become instant stars or people promoting their brands. If you know to ins and outs of social media, people will pay to have your create posts, gain them followers and manage their content.

6. E-commerceStore (monthly fees for a storefront)- Have something to sell? Sell it online. E-commerce is the best way to move your merchandise and the best part is that creating a website take less than an hour to make!

7. Photography- Sure iPhone cameras are great but have you ever of the saying “there are too many photos”? NO! That’s because nobody will say that. Photographers are always in demand. Everyone wants great photos to remember the best times in their lives. If you love the being behind the camera to capture those oh so perfect moments, you can make it big.

There are so many opportunities today to become your own boss and love what you do. It’s up to you to make it happen. And if you are in an in between place and need some guidance, MAM First is a great resource for you. You can contact us today for a consultation.

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